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Region 8 Elite Team

2020-2021 Region VIII Elite Team Cup Team

Congratulations to the athletes who will represent Region VIII at the Elite Team Cup.

  • Max B - Zenit
  • Jaden B - EVO
  • Tobias L - Roswell
  • Alex N - Gymtek
  • Garrett S - EVO
  • Zach E - Palmetto
  • Alt - Danilo V - Cartersville
  • Alt - Jacob F - Gymtek


We want to congratulate the athletes who will attend the 2020-2021 Elite Team Selection Camp to be held at EVO Athletics on January 15-16, 2021.  This camp will allow the staff to select the final 8-man team to represent Region 8 at the Regional Elite Team Cup.  We also want to announce the 2020-2021 Honorary Liukin Level 8 and 9 Team. 

Elite Team Selection Camp (Level 10)

Max.               B.               Zenit
Jaden B EVO
Zach E Palmetto
Denis I FGTC
Alex K EVO
Tobias L Roswell
Alex N GymTek
Korey R LaFleur's Tampa     
Garrett S EVO
Justin S Suncountry
Danilo V Cartersville

Honorary Level 9 WOGA Team


A.               Sun County
Jason G Sun Country
Samuel H EVO
Zachary M LaFleur's Tampa.     
Jake P LaFleur's Tampa

Honorary Level 8 WOGA Team

Giorgio.        A            Gymnastics USA.          
Jackson K EVO
Jason M LaFleur's Tampa
AJ P Orlando Metro
Owen Q LaFleur's Tampa


The Region 8 elite team coordinator, elite coaching staff, and regional chairman would like to congratulate the following athletes on their selection to be part of the 2020 - 2021  Region 8 Virtual Competition that will take place the weekend of November 20 - 22, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Henry, Region 8 Elite Team Coordinator, and Kevin White, Region 8 Chairman.  Congrats again to these athletes 

Important Documents

Links to important documents regarding the Virtual Competition

  • All videos must be submitted through the online google form no later than Sunday, November 22 at 11:00pm.
  • 2020 - 2021 Region 8 Elite Virtual Meet Criteria and Information Document - LINK
  • Region 8 Elite Team Selection Process and Expectations for 2020 - 2021 Season - LINK 


Please scroll down for full list

First Name Last Name Club
Benjamin A EVO
Saran A ACE
Major B GymTek
Robert B Salem
Maxim B Zenit
Jaden B EVO
Keivone B Axcelerate
Chase D Roswell
Jonah D Sun Country
Zachary E Palmetto
Jacob F GymTek
Kael-MIchael G Gym Force
William H Gymnastics USA
Conor H EVO
Kyler H Axcelerate
Peter H FGTC
Denis I FGTC
Jack K Hahn’s
Alex K EVO
Noah K Hahn’s
Blaze K Zenit
Anthony K Roswell
Toby L Roswell
Eli L Hahn’s
Alex N GymTek
Thomas O EVO
Blake R Roswell
Korey R LaFleur’s
Garrett S EVO
Dylan S Gymnastics USA
Justin S Suncountry
Joseph S Axcelerate
Tyler T Gymnastics USA
Gavin U Axcelerate
Danilo V Cartersville
Michelangelo V Newmans
Evan W Harpeth
Noah W Roswell
Luke Y Zenit
Ethan Z Triumph


Please scroll down for full list

First Name Last Name Club
Gavin A Suncountry
David A Harpeth
Santino F Triumph
Jason G Sun Country
Sammy H EVO
Owen L Triumph
Zach M LaFleurs
Chase P Harpeth
Carlos P Roswell
Ricky P FGTC
Jake P LaFleurs
Ryan S Axcelerate
Jorge Luis Q Universal Allstar
Hunter S LaFleur's


Please scroll down for full list

First Name Last Name Club
Giorgio A Gymnastics USA
Ty C Hahn’s
West F Panhandle Perfection
TJ G Triumph
Jakson K EVO
Luke L LaFleur's
Jason M LaFleurs
Andres P Orlando Metro
Owen Q LaFleur’s


2020 Roberto Pumpido Region 8 Elite Team Camp

12th Annual Camp

2020 Region 8 Elite Team Camp Was Cancelled

Elite Team Camp - Updated Medical / Liability Waiver

This form is for parents to inform us in their athlete will be attending the 2020 Elite Team Camp along with an updated medical waiver based on Covid-19

Roberto Pumpido Elite Camp Information

EXCITING NEWS: Your son has qualified to attend the Roberto Pumpido Region 8 Men’s Elite Camp, to be held, this summer. The top 8 AA finishers in Level 8 (11-12), Level 9 (13-14), Level 10 (15-16) & top 4 AA finishers in Level 10 (17-18) non–graduating seniors in High school were selected.  

While we did not have the Region 8 Championship to select our team as normal, the selection process still maintained our same integrity standards.  We know these are uncertain times in the sport, but we are still going to proceed with our elite team as we have in the past. 

Who: Top 8 Level 8 (11-12 year olds)
Top 8 Level 9 (13-14 year olds)
Top 8 Level 10 (15-16 year olds)
Top 4 Level 10 (17–18 year olds) who are not graduating seniors in high school


What: Pumpido Region 8 Elite Camp for Top All-Around athletes from Regionals!

When: July 9 - 12, 2020 (Tentative Date - This may have to change based on Covid-19 restrictions)

EVO Athletics 
7188 15th St. E.
Sarasota, FL 34243

Cost: No fees will be due upon register as we do not want to bill until we are sure camp will take place.

TENTATIVE Schedule: (times below are Tentative workout times)

  • Thursday, July 9, 2020 – 2:00pm – 5:00pm / 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Friday, July 10, 2020 – 12:30pm – 3:30pm / 4:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Saturday, July 11, 2020 – 9:00am – 12:00pm / 1:30pm – 4:30pm
  • Sunday, July 12, 2020 – 9:00am – 11:30am


Hotel Information: Will be sent out to participants via email

* Personal Coaches are encouraged to take part in the camp, at their own expenses for travel, accommodations, and meals.*

2020-2021 Elite Team Members

Scroll Down (Separated by Level and Last Name)

Level 10 Seniors Elite Team Members 
Major                    Bain.         GymTek
Jacob (Eli) Bassett Hayden's
Ray Bridges ASG
Zachary English Palmetto
Justin Smith Suncountry
Travis Wong FGTC
Level 10 Juniors Elite Team Members
Maxim Bereznev Zenit
Jacob Foster GymTek
Denis Irimiea FGTC
Toby Liang Roswell
Garrett Schooley EVO
Alex Tapanes FGTC
Nicholas Tarca Premier
Gavin Urash Axcelerate
Level 9 Elite Team Members
Gavin Adkins Suncountry
Benjamin Aguilar EVO
Saran Alexander Ace
David Alii Premier
Alex Karadzhov EVO
Jake Prabhakaran LaFleur's Tampa
Dylan Shepard Gym USA
Tyler Tran Gym USA
Level 8 Elite Team Members
Alexander.    Bates.                       EVO
Jason George Suncountry
Sammy Holland EVO
Luke Lange LaFleur's Tampa.   
Jason McNeil LaFleur's Tampa
Zachary Myers LaFleur's Tampa
Andres Pomales Orlando Metro
Hunter Simpson LaFleur's Tampa

2020 Elite Team Cup Athletes Selected

We want to congratulate the 8-man team that will be represent Region 8 at the 2020 Elite Team Cup in Las Vegas at Winter Cup.  These athletes are: 

Athletes in alphabetical order –

  • Ethan B.
  • Zachary E.
  • Toby L.
  • Steven L.
  • Kameron N
  • Garrett S.
  • Nicholas T.
  • Travis W.

Level 10 Virtual Competition Athlete List

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First Last Name Club
J. Alfonso FGTC
M Bain GymTek
E. Bassett Hayden's
M. Bereznev Zenit
J. Blank EVO
E. Boder GymTek
K Bowen Gymnastics USA
D. Brown TRIumph
C Davenport-Mills Roswell
J. Derringer Hayden's
J. Diaz Sun Country
Z English Palmetto
J. Foster GymTek
J. George Sun Country
W Harrington Gymnastics USA
D. Irimirea FGTC
B Kennedy Zenit
A Koppie Roswell
T Liang Roswell
S Lukasik LaFleur's
K Nelson Arrow
C Prince LaFleur's
K Russell LaFleur's
G Schooley EVO
J. Smith Sun Country
J. Stepp First In Flight
A. Tapanes FGTC
N. Tarca Premier
G. Urash First In Flight
D. Viciana Cartersville
I. Victory FGTC
T. Wainwright First In Flight
T. Wong FGTC

Level 9 Virtual Competition Athlete List

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First Last Name Club
G. Adkins Sun County
B. Aguliar EVO
S. Alexander Gymnastics USA
D. Ali Premier
D. Allen Harpeth
G. Bowers Simpsonville
S. Fort TRIumph
R.  Banks Salem
K. Griffin Gym Force
C. Heary EVO
K. Hinson First In Flight
F. Junquira EVO
A. Karadzhov EVO
C. Pappas Harpeth
J. Prabhakaran LaFleur's
O. Rouse eNeRGy
D. Shepard Gymnastics USA
T. Tran Gymnastics USA

Level 8 Virtual Competition Athlete List

Scroll Down To See Full List

First Last Name Club
A. Bates EVO
P. Bryan Gulf Coast
L. Dean Hayden's
W. Fowler Panhandle Perfection
J. George Sun Country
S. Holland EVO
L. Lange LaFleur's
L. Lapointe LaFleur's
J. Kurecki EVO
J. McNeil LaFleur's
Z Myers LaFleur's
A. Pomales Orlando Gymnastics
J. Quiala Top Contenders
H. Simpson LaFleur's



We want to congratulate the Level 8, Level 9, and Level 10 athletes who were selected to participate in the Region 8 Video/Instagram Submission Procedure that will take place the weekend of Friday, November 2 - Sunday, November 4th.  Procedures and directions for this have been sent to the athletes coaches.  See the list of selected athletes below.  

 The mission of the video submission is to help identify our athletes that will represent Region 8 at future competitions. In addition, the videos give guidance to the Judges panel, Elite Staff and the Elite Team Coordinator when choosing a team.